Cody Bennett

Student + , and Developer

Bell's Gaming Center

An ongoing project for a local game store powered by Google's Firebase. A simple solution for the store to manage their games and storefront with as little clicks and hoops for them to jump through as possible.

Bell's GC Website


A responsive 3D website for the gaming content creator known as MystGang, featuring a 3D carousel to show off their work. The site is sped up with Ajax and animated with Tweenmax and Greensock, rendering a 3D landscape in WebGL with Three.js. This included the design of the monogram in the center of the screen.


A VR, AR, and multi-platform application to play the card game: Magic, the Gathering with database-fed decks displayed on real, physical cards in real-time. Automatic shuffling, an intuitive deck editor, and a cool 3D interface brought the technology of the future to the game.

GCPS Robotics

Creating the website and the robot core that won the BEST Robotics State Competition Website Award.


I’m a student developer based in Austin. I create compelling designs that I bring to life with the web's coolest technologies that look perfect on every screen.

In my free time, I like to create and play video games, play Magic: The Gathering, and experiment with new tech. I’m always interested in new projects, so feel free to drop me a line.

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