BattleBots 2019 Competition Website

A fully responsive website in a 3d playground, made with ThreeJS.

Gateway's BattleBots competition website.

Gateway Robotics State-Winning Website

A fully responsive 3d website of the Gateway Robotics team all under 10MB (~3 images in size). This website brought the team to Texas state competition through the BEST Website Award.

Gateway Robotics Slack-like platform

Gateway CPS - LLS

In an attempt to raise money and awareness for LLS cancer research, I contacted former and present community leaders to take part in activities ranging from tournaments to community service. This is what brought them together.

Gateway CPS - LLS

Gateway CPS - Interactive Notebook

A responsive and interactive online platform for the masses.

Gateway CPS Notebook

ThreeJS Poly, Canon

Expanding online 3d interactions into pleasant experiences

Image transition in ThreeJS

I’m a student based in Austin, currently looking for an internship. I create compelling designs that I bring to life with animations and the web's coolest technologies that look perfect on every screen.

In my free time I like to create and play video games, jam out on my guitar, and experiment with new tech. I’m always interested in new projects, so feel free to drop me a line.

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