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Project Modern

Building a community that puts players and game health first, not profits.

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  • Visual Identity
  • UX and UI Design
  • Full-stack Development
Landing screen of the Project Modern website.

Visual Identity

Project Modern is a splinter community from a gamemode based from the card game: Magic, the Gathering in protest of recent conflict of interest in game management.

We represented the modern or new feel behind the mission of Project Modern with custom typography with a plus for new, accompanied with fresh colors and a crisp typeface.

The Project Modern color palette and logo, featuring a plus-embellished monogram to represent new or modern.

Design and Development

I lead the design and development of online services for Project Modern, ranging from website design and development to backing cloud and bot functions.

We kept the brand and style of Project Modern consistent throughout its component-based design.

A screenshot of Project Modern's components from Storybook.

A Home for Project Modern

A website is the biggest tell in brand. With a good, lasting impression, I designed and developed elegant interfaces, complimented with inviting interactions throughout the website.

A screenshot of the landing page in production.

Let's Play!

Project Modern boasts a large, healthy playerbase, and we showed that with cultivated tournaments for everyone.

A screenshot of the events page in production.
A screenshot of an event page in production.

Signup Here

Project Modern's events' catalogue isn't the end. The website is designed to encourage and capture event signup, automating everything with ease.

A screenshot of an event's signup page in production.
A screenshot showing an onboarding page after signup in production.