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A Tool for Everything

I lead the design and development of DevTech Tools. We focused on creating the best platform for developers to build better software.

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  • Visual Identity
  • UX and UI Design
  • Full-stack Development
Landing screen of the DevTech Tools website.

Visual Identity

We represented the technology aspect of DevTech Tools with a bundle of traces, accompanied with fresh colors and a crisp typeface.

The DevTech Tools color palette and logo, featuring pipelines as electronic traces.

The Mission

DevTech Tools started as a small set of developer tools that generated, parsed, and converted between data formats.

Our mission was to create an expanding arsenal of developer tools to use in any environment, for any purpose, on one platform.

The tool wrapper of the JSON to CSV data converter.

Setting Sail

DevTech Tools launched with a comprehensive set of data converters, code formatters and linters, and many other tools.

I designed and developed a simple, intuitive interface to cut development time down to a single click.

Expanding the Workflow

Following the release of our online tools, we accompanied this release with a powerful API, giving developers complete control.

Experienced developers now had full flexibility with our tools in their projects.

A snippet from the DevTech Tools API, converting data from JSON to CSV.

Going Online

We needed a place for DevTech Tools and its users to call home.

I designed and developed the DevTech Tools website, featuring a blog with weekly tutorials, comprehensive and interactive documentation for the DevTech Tools API, and a web application to put everything together.

A screenshot of the landing page in production.